[Implementing the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 13th Provincial Party Committee, the Editor-in-Chief and the Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee face-to-face] Leaping out of the "city and river thinking", crossing the "

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The Fourth Plenary Session of the Thirteenth Provincial Party Committee clearly proposed that we should adhere to the emancipation of the mind and follow the requirements of "walking in the forefront" to comprehensively promote the improvement, deepening, and implementation of various deployments for high-quality development. In order to thoroughly study and implement Xi Jinping’s thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, and fully implement the spirit of the plenary session of the provincial party committee, the editor-in-chief of this newspaper recently led an interview team to go to various districts and cities to interview and exchange face-to-face with the secretary of the municipal party committee. From now on, this newspaper has launched a series of reports. It reflects in a timely manner that all parts of the province have learned new ideas, made every effort to implement them, and promoted new tasks and new responsibilities for high-quality development.

The fourth plenary session of the thirteenth provincial party committee just convened blew the high-quality development charge. 13 districts and cities in Jiangsu faced the same test question: standing at the historical node of the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, how to gather a powerful force to deepen reform in an all-round way , To create more excellent high-quality development results?

"Restarting reform and opening up will allow Taizhou to win a new round of development opportunities." said Han Liming, secretary of the Taizhou Municipal Party Committee. It is necessary to adhere to Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics as a benchmark and guide the city to jump out of the "city and river thinking" and cross the "Yangtze River". "Tianmo", activate the "Ocean Gene", do a good job in cultivating landmark industries, making beautiful and exquisite cities, planting ecological advantages, highlighting the development temperature, and maintaining the "five new answers" for everlasting passion to achieve new breakthroughs on the new journey of high-quality development .

Jump out of the "city and river" and let the "sea" become the new gene of the city

Taizhou is located in the middle of Jiangsu. A Fengcheng River surrounds the Sifang City. It has nurtured generations of Taizhou people for thousands of years, and it has also imprisoned the city’s development thinking-the economic development level is “in the middle” of the province as a whole, and it is easy to make small gains. It is full, and the rich is safe. Not long ago, in a city-wide discussion on emancipating the mind, Taizhou reached a high degree of consensus. Facing the new development situation, it is necessary to further enhance the awareness of crisis and anxiety, and enhance the "spirit" of development.

"We must not only protect the'Old City River' in Taizhou's history, but also jump out of the'Old City River' in our thinking." Han Liming said that the city river, the Yangtze River, and the sea are three distinctive historical geographies in the development of Taizhou. Logo. The future of Taizhou needs the endless and magnificent atmosphere of the Yangtze River to fully integrate into the southern Jiangsu plate; moreover, it needs to embrace the world and be open-minded to embrace the world and welcome the future.

Break through the middle reaches and strive for the upper reaches! The people of Taizhou have rewritten such a sentence into the report of the municipal committee plenary meeting-jumping out of the "city and river thinking", crossing the "Yangtze River", activating the "sea gene", and actively exploring a new path for Taizhou's high-quality development.

Recently, the new industrial trends of Taizhou China Medical City have attracted the attention of the industry——

On July 10th, China Pharmaceutical City and Taizhou Eton King Ang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. held a new drug research and development and industrialization project cooperation signing ceremony. Eton King Ang Pharmaceutical will put four national Class 1 new drugs in China Pharmaceutical City for industry change. Eton Jingang Pharmaceutical currently has 5 national Class 1 innovative drugs, and 4 of them have obtained clinical approvals, making it one of the top 100 Chinese drug research and development strengths in 2018.

In early July, the clinical research base of China Medical City was established in Taizhou City Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine. This is currently the largest clinical trial base in China and fills the gap in the industrial chain of China Medical City. Prior to this, new class 1 anti-tumor drugs such as Sutertinib and Knetinib from Jiangsu Maidu Drug Research and Development Company entered the clinical development stage. The world's first recombinant Newcastle disease virus (A-VII strain) inactivated vaccine, the world's first swine fever and blue-ear combined live vaccine... The research and development of series of products is no longer aimed at the domestic first, but "first in class" (The world's first innovative drug).

Not long ago, the two major production bases of Swiss Nestlé Group Health Sciences China Company project special medical formula foods and cosmetics and pharmaceuticals went into production smoothly. AstraZeneca, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Anrovita... To seize the opportunity of the pilot development of the large-scale health industry cluster development in the Yangtze River Economic Belt, a large number of world's top health brands are accelerating the gathering in Taizhou.

While the outside world is paying attention to Taizhou, Taizhou people are also looking at the world. Zhang Dawei, general manager of Jiangsu Maidu Company, said that high-quality development is to go beyond the limitations of one city and one region and to seek innovation in the global coordinate system. Wu Yue, director of the Management Committee of Taizhou Pharmaceutical High-tech Zone, said that from "one pill" to "big health" and breaking the "barriers" of industrial development, China Medical City has also opened up a new space for development.

Jump out, break, open... These kinds of words frequently appear in the mouths of officials, entrepreneurs, and innovative entrepreneurs at all levels in Taizhou, sending a strong signal to the outside world: the city's "development genes" are changing.

"Cultivate the landmark industry, and hand in a good answer in building a distinctive, independent and controllable industrial system." The report of the Plenary Session of the Taizhou Municipal Party Committee clarified that in the next three years, a "1+5+1" modern industrial system will be built, and strive to achieve a total scale of 400 billion yuan in the city's health industry by 2020, and the five leading industries will move toward mid-to-high end, and the service industry will increase The share of GDP increased to 50%...Taizhou City Development and Reform Commission Director Zhu Guang sighed: "Breaking the mindset and breaking the rules, this city is using a more open vision to expand space and plan for the future."

Blow the "new wind" vigorously, and verify the quality of high quality with the "happiness" of the people

More than 700 years ago, Marco Polo praised Taizhou for “this city is not big, but there are so many kinds of happiness in this world”. Entering the new era, "Taizhou has more happiness" is endowed with new connotations: planting ecological advantages, and handing in a good answer in creating a beautiful Taizhou with green urban and rural areas, comfortable and livable; highlighting the development temperature, and enhancing people-oriented, co-construction and sharing of people's livelihood and welfare Turn in a good answer sheet.

As soon as the "two answer sheets" were issued, a "new wind operation" was launched in the city.

From August 4th to 5th, Taizhou 40,000 party members and cadres used weekends to walk through the streets and alleys and enter rural communities... According to the unified deployment of the municipal party committee, the "New Wind Action" involving party members and cadres in the city was launched in late July. Cadres from the three levels of municipal, county, and township agencies first intensively visited the villages one by one for two weeks to find out the actual conditions, outstanding problems and the demands of the masses of the rural human settlements and rural civilization. "We plan to take three years to realize the ‘three new goals’ of cadres’ responsibility as a new style of work in full formation, rural civilization and new customs are basically cultivated, and the homeland is clean and beautiful, and the new style is significantly improved." Taizhou City Mayor Shi Lijun said.

As the "new wind" blows, the rural environment is beautifully upgraded. Last year, Taizhou innovated the "Government + Social Capital + Village Collective" model and teamed up with Vanke to create the rural revitalization sample project "Clear Water Dongluo". In just one year, the village service center, the village history museum, the auditorium, the riverside tour, and the water platform... all turned into reality, and Dongluo Village became a poetic home in the "new rural era". According to the three-year action plan, in 2018, Taizhou will realize the full coverage of rural roads for household access, build 20 new era civilization practice centers, and combine the construction of parks, scenic spots and other expansion projects, in urban parks, supermarkets, and residents 10 new urban study rooms will be built in districts and other places. In 2019, the integrated construction of village sewage treatment counties will be fully launched, and 600 beautiful and livable villages will be built in 2020.

The "fresh wind" is blowing, and the temperature of urban development is evident. On August 2, 258 brand new "big nose" national standard school buses purchased in Xinghua City were all in place. As one of the practical projects for the private sector this year, the city has invested 80 million in a one-time investment and established a professional school bus service company to ensure the safety of urban and rural students. Taking the people's "happiness" as the yardstick, and verifying the "fineness" of high-quality development, "Taizhou has more happiness" is becoming another city's business card.

"We must take advantage of the'new wind' to speed up the pace of rural revitalization, and draw a new picture of the countryside with beautiful scenery and remembering homesickness." said Xu Kejian, deputy mayor of Taizhou City, inspired by Liyang's "Route 1", the plan will be The Duotian area of Xinghua has been built into the "No. 1 Waterway", allowing this "Global Important Agricultural and Cultural Heritage Site" named by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization to open up the road to ecological enrichment; the State Council approved the establishment of the "Chinese Farmers Harvest Festival" since 2018. Taizhou's first "Farmers Harvest Festival" is under intense preparations and will be held in September.

Not only whipping "snails", but also allowing more "stalled horses" to forge ahead on a new journey

In the past two years, Taizhou City has established a well-known award, but everyone is afraid of receiving this award-the "Snail Award." In January 2016, the city took the lead in establishing the "Snail Award" in the country, specifically awarded to those responsible for failing to promote key projects, performing administrative functions inadequately, and addressing public concerns in a timely manner. Up to now, a total of 7 batches of "snail awards" have been announced to the public, involving 65 departments and 2 individuals.

On July 27, the Fifth Plenary Session of the Fifth Session of the Taizhou Municipal Party Committee announced that it would add a "Horse Award" in the future to commend the units and individuals that have deepened reforms and strived for the first place, promoted development, and implemented fast actions. This is the latest initiative of the Taizhou Municipal Party Committee to further encourage cadres to take up the role as a new measure in the "1+3" document, which is very encouraging.

While whipping the "snail", while inspiring the "horse" to raise its hoof and forge ahead. The two-pronged approach of positive incentives and negative supervision forces the party members and cadres to look at the benchmarks with a higher position, to climb higher and farther with a broader vision, and to self-examine with a more open mind. During the interview, the reporter heard a story: At the beginning of this year, a company from China Medical City went to invest in southern Jiangsu. The local officials were very nervous when they heard the news and ran to ask why they didn't stay in the local area. The owner of the company explained that “it is easy to recruit high-end talents with the name of Sunan enterprises, and they will be sent back to Taizhou to work after they are recruited.” The official was deeply touched and proactively reflected on how to build an all-round, full-cycle talent. The service ecosystem has written a research report and made suggestions and suggestions for building the "best talent ecological city".

"Strive to start construction of the North River High-speed Railway in 2019, start construction of 2 crossing river channels during the 13th Five-Year Plan period, build a regional transportation hub city, and make every effort to build a central port for river-sea transportation"; "In the ancient Chinese shipping map collected by the British Museum Marked Gaogang, Taizhou has the gift to build a famous port city"; "Taizhou culture not only includes Mei Lanfang and Zheng Banqiao, but also digs deep into the river literature and the Grand Canal culture." ... Whether it is the city and county departments or the rural grassroots, the cadre team The phenomenon of moderation, lazy and lazy politics is less, and there are more people who are good at thinking and able to take the courage to act. On the new answer sheet of forging a team of cadres who are responsible for hard work, everyone is vying to be a "horse" instead of a "snail."

In contrast to the "six high quality" proposed by the provincial party committee, Taizhou sorted out the urgent issues restricting current development and the fundamental issues related to long-term development, carried out special investigations in 10 areas, and formed 17 reports. Incorporate high-quality development implementation opinions. Statistics show that in the first half of the year, Taizhou's investment in fixed assets increased by 11.9%, and investment in the service industry increased by 13.3%, both of which ranked first in the province.

"The next three years will be the final period of the '13th Five-Year Plan' and the decisive period for building a well-off society in an all-round way. It is also a critical period for Taizhou to realize the rise of the central part of the Yangtze River urban agglomeration. Marker." Han Liming said that the main title of the report of the Municipal Party Committee Plenary Session is: To undertake the mission of the new era, to work hard; to anchor high-quality development, and to look at it in three years.